What is Self Love?
When you say you love yourself that means that you have behaviour towards yourself that is love. You forgo immediate pleasures for the exchange of long term self-respect.

“For me self love is self-discipline” Will Smith

For example, when you talk to yourself: ‘I know you really want to eat that pizza or chocolate and that it tastes so good, but then you stop, think again and say to yourself: I can’t let you eat that, because when you eat that pizza you will feel like sh**. And I love you too much to let you eat that and feel that way.

If you want to be happy you have to love yourself which means you have to discipline your behaviours. The road to sustained happiness is through disciplining your behaviours.

We all need emotional nourishment. For me, Selflove is taking 100% conscious responsibility for my health.

Every single human being on this planet wants only three things, nothing else! She or he wants to be loved, cared for and believed inYes, you too my Sunshine! 

We seek love, attention and acknowledgement from others as this is how we are taught as children, always searching for parent’s approval.

The process of becoming an adult is about gaining your independence from outside held approvals and understanding that you are 100% whole and responsible for how much you are loved, cared for and believed in.


Because it’s your time now! Your time to love yourself, care for yourself and believe in yourself. Not your parents, not your husband, friends or neighbours but you! You are free, finally and forever.

Henry Maudsley said: “The feeling that can’t find its expression in tears will cause other organs to weep”. Your health starts with the healthy inside where happiness and peace exist and no tears are needed.

How to achieve healthy inside?

By FEEDING YOUR BODY WITH THE 6 SELFLOVE BODY AND SOUL FOODS: conscious breathing, sleeping, thinking, forgiving, eating/hydrating, moving.



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